Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Music Lesson by Katherine Weber

If you're looking for a good read, a little gem of a read, take a look at The Music Lesson by Katharine Weber.

Here's a brief summary:
Patricia Dolan is alone with a stolen Vermeer painting in an Irish cottage by the sea. How she got here is part of the story she tells; about her father, a boston cop; the numbing loss of her daughter; and her charming Irish cousin, who has led her to this high-stakes crime. (
The summary doesn't do it justice. It has a mystery to be solved by the reader, and yes, a stolen Vermeer (stolen very cleverly, by the way) that the protagonist is in awe of, all against the background of The Troubles in Ireland.

There's a group reading guide at Henry Holt.
Here's a great and current picture of the author herself, Katharine Weber.


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