Monday, November 05, 2007

A Unicorn Is Born by Trinie Dalton

Ursula is a pregnant unicorn awaiting the birth of her first baby to whom she's already given the name Uma. Ursula is a Forest unicorn with many friends: Quinn, the squirrel and Arf, the gray fox, with whom she talks about very special herbs, beautiful rainbows and unicorn lore (a unicorn's horn can counteract poison).

While Ursula awaits the birth of her baby colt she thinks about her life and what parenting will be like and how her relationship with Uma will develop. As the time draws near for Ursula to give birth she looks for an appropriate place to have her baby. She chooses the Perfectly Symmetrical Canyon as the ideal magical nursery.

Ursula takes to motherhood immediately and begins teaching and entertaining little Uma. Uma learns all about the forest and its creatures and all the mythical and wondrous things unicorns do. Young Uma learns magic and the arts of transforming and alchemy as well as how to be kind and care for the forest animals.

There is much to learn about the remarkable unicorns in this book, but the love between mother and child, the true affinity between them, is central. The story of warm and loving fantasy and myth will please children of all ages. The illustrations by Katherin Ayer are gorgeous and delightfully painterly. Has a collection of stickers at the back of the book.

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