Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Guess the Novel 2

Can you guess the title of the novel from the beginning paragraph? The novel is contemporary, written in 2005, by a British author with the initials IM. His picture is at the right:

Some hours before dawn Henry Perowne, a neurosurgeon, wakes to find himself already in motion, pushing back the covers from a sitting position, and then rising to his feet. It's not clear to him when exactly he became conscious, nor does it seem relevant. He's never done such a thing before, but he isn't alarmed or even faintly surprised, for the movement is easy, and pleasurable in his limbs, and his back and legs feel unusually strong. He stands there, naked by the bed--he always sleeps naked--feeling his full height, aware of his wife's patient breathing and of the wintry bedroom air on his skin. That too is a pleasurable sensation. His bedside clock shows three forty.

This is only about half the paragraph. I got tired typing.



Anonymous said...

Ian McEwan

Anne said...

I believe the book is called Saturday.

the teach said...

Congrats Anne! Have you read it? It's great!

the teach said...

Yes Jean the Author is Ian McEwan but what's the name of the novel...:)

Anne said...

No, I haven't read it. Maybe I will some day. Is it at least funny, or a cheesy detective story, or something fun like that?

Leonard Blumfeld said...

The novel's title is indeed "Saturday" as Anne believed it was called.

Haven't read it, only "The Innocent" by the same author (partially, have yet to finish).

the teach said...

No Anne, don't bother with it "it anin't cheesy or funny." Hah! :)

Leon, try the Atonement by the same author.