Saturday, March 17, 2007

Who is this guy?

So let's have a little fun. Do you know who this guy is? This guy with a very plain name? He's the son of a very famous author father and somewhat famous author mother. His name is...uh, but I won't tell you because you would look him up on the Internet.

"His dad is a topic he discusses with great reluctance, not because he doesn’t love the guy but because when you are as much your father’s son as he is, once you start talking about your dad, you might never get a chance to talk about anything else."

He looks like his Dad...maybe you can see it. He's following in his father's footsteps and has written his first novel in the same genre as his father.

His Dad dedicated an early novel to him. He goes by his first and middle name not his last name which is the same as his father's.

His first book is an "instant" best seller, residing at the no. 10 position on the Best Seller List. (Oh this is a giveaway) His publisher is William Morrow. (Another giveaway).

So who is this guy? Leave your answers in comments, okay?

theteach :)

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Anonymous said...

Stephen King's son. He's reviewed in Sunday's Book Review Section of the NY Times