Friday, March 09, 2007

6,000,000 impressions:
handcrafting the book experience

Illustrated talk & exhibition preview: Tuesday 8 May
Exhibition: Wednesday 9 May until Thursday 14 June at St. Bride Library, London.

A pioneering project from Tara Publishing, India, is the creation of books made entirely by hand, from the paper to the printing and binding. If you're going to London in May sounds like a something wonderful to do. All information is given in the above link.



Leon Blumfeld said...

It's funny (to me) that you mention this Indian publisher - I know one of their authors personally and have several of her children's books (Anushka Ravishankar).

the teach said...

Leon, I surf the web often looking for interesting article and (esp) photos. The photo for that article drew me in. I've always been interested in creating books from scratch also. I didn't know where St. Bride Library was until I searched the site and found out it's in London.
It does seem that we do share similar interests. Isn't that great!?