Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's Just a Plant

So have you heard about it? A book called It's just a Plant, an illustrated children's book about marijuana. The web site by the same name explains the reasons for such a book and how it could be helpful to parents telling their children about smoking marijuana.

The story was written and illustrated by Ricardo Cort├ęs. Ricardo is the director of the Magic Propaganda Mill.The illustrations are beautiful and so colorful, as you can see. From what I read it is a pretty even discussion of the plant and its uses. Apparently people are not exactly sure whether this is a legitimate book or a hoax.

But the Valley Advocate says:
"It doesn't really matter whether It's Just a Plant is what it seems to be -- a highly earnest and enthusiastic children's book about marijuana -- or a shits-'n'-giggles hoax, or a self-aggrandizing attempt to shock the bourgeosie. It is what it is: A beautifully-illustrated, hilariously multee-cultee children's book about the history, botany, (il)legality and potency of good old Mary Jane."
-The Valley Advocate
The site has a peek at the story, reviews and a store where you can buy the book and a tee-shirt.


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