Saturday, January 13, 2007

Linda Yee's Bodacious Book Title Contest

Found out about this contest from Gottabook.

For Linda Yee's contest click here.

Very briefly, I'll tell you what the contest is about: Take a children's book title and change the FIRST LETTER of ONE of the words to make it into a whole new title. Then add a sentence describing the new book.

Here's my entry for her contest:

THE BAT IN THE HAT (For the Cat in the Hat)

Magician gets surprising, unexpected result during rabbit trick.

Check out her website, you'll like it.
theteach :)

PS When I found the picture above which is titled "bat in a hat" I thought of another sentence for a new book:


Curmugeonly old lady find happiness with the women of the Society of the Red Hat.

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