Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Enduring Love

On October 29, a week from Friday, the film Enduring Love opens nationwide. I don't know if everyone knows that the film is based on the book of the same name by Ian McEwan. We read this novel in the Books & Brunch classes a couple of years ago and it knocked our socks off! Here's a little bit about the author:

Ian McEwan has written two collections of stories, First Love, Last Rites and In Between the Sheets, and eight novels, The Cement Garden, The Comfort of Strangers, The Child in Time–winner of the 1987 Whitbread Novel of the Year Award---The Innocent, Black Dogs, The Daydreamer, Enduring Love, and Amsterdam---winner of the 1998 Booker Prize.

He really should have won the Booker Prize for Enduring Love.

Here's a synopsis of the opening chapter:

Joe Rose has planned a postcard-perfect afternoon in the English countryside to celebrate his lover's return after six weeks in the States. To complete the picture, there's even a "helium balloon drifting dreamily across the wooded valley." But as Joe and Clarissa watch the balloon touch down, their idyll comes to an abrupt end. The pilot catches his leg in the anchor rope, while the only passenger, a boy, is too scared to jump down. As the wind whips into action, Joe and four other men rush to secure the basket. Mother Nature, however, isn't feeling very maternal. "A mighty fist socked the balloon in two rapid blows, one-two, the second more vicious than the first," and at once the rescuers are airborne. Joe manages to drop to the ground, as do most of his companions, but one man is lifted sky-high, only to fall to his death.--Amazon.com

How about getting together to go to the film on the Friday it opens? I'll announce it to my classes today and tomorrow. Okay if you'd like to go send me an e-mail.
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